Material Handling Solutions for Construction Sector

35 t - self propelled modular transporters - SGAI-E VS

Precast is construction and product manufacturing techniques applying a pre-made cast or mold to be cured in a controlled environment and transported  to the construction site or defined location. Precast construction is generally chosen for projects requiring durability, quality, and a sturdy structure.

Precast structures can reach significant weights and these assembly structures must be transported both within production plant and within construction site. Morello expertise in customized heavy duty industrial carts perfectly suits precast concrete manufacturers, participating in and contributing to the productivity and efficiency of important international projects.

Morello heavy duty platform carts have been employed to transfer both extremely large concrete girders and smaller more compact heavy weight assemblies in both production plants and on-site in the USA, UK and Middle East countries.

60 T - Concrete precast transport cart - OMNI-E
60 T – Concrete precast transport cart – OMNI-E

Highlighting benefits of Morello solutions we define productivity, site efficiency, safety and environmentally friendly smart technology. Following cases in our portfolio show the examples of Morello expertise and capability to provide heavy materials handling equipment for precast concrete and construction sectors.

We would like to emphasize the advantages of Morello solutions focusing on productivity, site efficiency, safety and applied smart technologies. The following case is an example of Morello experience and ability to provide equipment for the handling of heavy materials to the prefabricated concrete and construction sectors.

Case: Handling prefabricated concrete structures at a manufacturing facility in South Dakota, United States

Challenge: Well-established US company with a history of over 100 years in the US construction industry asked us to find solution for movement of large prefabricated reinforced concrete panels over 12 meters (40 feet) in length and weighing over 60 tons (130,000 lbs.). These panels had to be transported on steel pallets with an A structure to be used both indoor and outdoor.

Solution: we designed and constructed 2 omnidirectional self-propelled trolleys for heavy-load handling including concrete panels at the plant. The trolleys were designed 12 meters (40 feet) long to lift A-frame steel pallets used to support and move prefabricated structures. Steel pallets for long rectangular concrete panels were also designed and built by Morello to ensure maximum efficiency combined with trolleys.

Omnidirectional cart is placed under the steel pallet to move concrete panels weighing over 60 ton (130,000 lb.) using the remote controller. The trolley is raised a few centimeters from the ground by lifting the A-frame steel pallet onto which the concrete panels are loaded, and can then be moved with the remote control to the target position.

Applied technologies:

Battery-powered autonomy: heavy-load industrial trucks require continuous operation for many hours – lithium batteries installed on our solution ensured effective range of 8 km (5 miles). The operating speed is 25 meters per minute. Installation of high-precision, maintenance-free brushless electric motors completed top-notch technologies for prolonged and precise steering.

Effective steering helped to manage and maneuver this long load within the limited spaces of the plant. We offered omnidirectional or multidirectional steering for trolleys to rotate on themselves or move 90° or diagonally to achieve maximum steering flexibility. The omnidirectional trolleys are also equipped with an independent electric motor on each wheel.

Suspension: since industrial trolleys for heavy loads must work both indoors and outdoors, they are equipped with a hydraulic suspension to adapt to irregular and imperfect surfaces.

Software 100% owned by Morello based on many years of experience in industrial applications and construction of self-propelled vehicles for heavy loads.

Technical assistance is represented with advanced diagnostic system on the HMI interface. Remote assistance can be provided directly from Morello headquarters using integrated IoT devices. Collaboration with highly experienced American technical partners helps Morello in high-end effective technical support when necessary. The solution provided to Morello US client company uses cutting-edge technologies designed to improve factory operations. Morello expertise also applied in project management processes, ensuring all operational details are under control together with commercial and technical assistance.

Precast electric transporter – 60 t
Precast electric transporter – 60 t