70 T - Wind turbines gearboxes transport cart - OMNI-E


Electric platform cart is the key expertise of Morello offering excellence in material handling solutions with its Italian plant in Turin. OMNI represents one of the most versatile heavy duty carts for improving plant productivity.

OMNI is one of the most versatile and efficient solutions for moving heavy loads in industrial plants. The self-loading, self-propelled, battery-powered, multi-directional, remote-controlled motorized platform cart provides unmatched level of reliability, flexibility and adaptation. 

Key features of OMNI carts to enhance industrial operation include:

1) Load bearing up to 1000 tons

2) Performance is enhanced by OMNI replacing the bridge cranes in a plant providing much greater flexibility with raisable load bearing platform. This heavy duty platform cart moves beneath the load platform structure, lifts it off its feet and moves it to its new location.

3) Extensive range of load capacity based on modular and tailor-made design of OMNI carts. It is used for any load weight or size as described in our case studies below.

4) Space optimization using OMNI electric platform cart provides numerous multi-directional steering possibilities. Moving heavy loads and navigating complicated routes, OMNI is super compact and can operate in the tightest industrial spaces.

5) Excellent performance on any surface both indoors and outdoors ensures maximum operational flexibility. Hydraulic suspension, the mechanical oscillations of the wheel groups and a wide range of different wheel materials and constructions featured in OMNI heavy duty carts provide multiple specification and design options. OMNI achieves uniform weight distribution even on non-horizontal and irregular surfaces.

6) Zero environmental impact is provided with unique features present in OMNI carts. This fully electric platform cart has almost zero maintenance requirements due to both electric steering and electric traction motors (AC brushless motors) and is battery powered. OMNI heavy duty platform cart can also be used in volatile environments where the risk of explosion must be carefully managed.

7) Customization. Each OMNI motorized platform cart is manufactured to your specifications and design based on your operational requirements. We take your project specifications and offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

8) Remote support of OMNI carts allows Morello to provide real-time onsite support directly from their HQ in Italy.

9) AGV solution is provided for automated driverless operations.  

With clients all over the globe, Morello selected following cases to illustrate how our heavy duty platform carts has provided technologically advanced solutions to large corporations in different countries.

1) Multinational manufacturer of industrial chillers in Pune, India.

Goal: Indoor and outdoor transportation of large semi-finished chillers with weight up to 65 tons.

Solution: one OMNI electric platform cart, 12 meters in length perfectly suited client’s original project that included a rail system with two transfer carts. All directional and space issues were solved at the same time providing faster movement, space optimization and increased flexibility removing fixed rail transfer cart system limitations.

Omnidirectonal agv trolley 68t
Omnidirectonal agv trolley 68t

2) Well-known global manufacturer of large wind turbine blades in Cherbourg, France.

Goal: handling of the longest wind turbine blade in the world!The blade had a flexible structure.

Solution: Morello offered two synchronized OMNI modular self-propelled trailers (SPMTs). The carts were synced using their own Wi-Fi network to adapt speed, acceleration, braking and steering positions of each wheel. A newly developed software solution was required to sync the movement as there was no rigid structure between heavy duty platform carts that have to operate at a distance of 80m from each other. Our solution was one of its kind.

Wind turbines gearboxes transport truck -108 tons
Wind turbines gearboxes transport truck -108 tons
Wind turbine blades self propelled modular transporters – Capacity 120 t
Wind turbine blades self propelled modular transporters – Capacity 120 t

3) Multinational manufacturer of power transformers in Alabama, USA.

Goal: Indoor and outdoor transportation of both finished and semi-finished heavy transformers throughout the plant. Before the company used air cushion solution to handle transformer of up to 33 tons.

Solution: Two motorized platform cartssolved several issues: omni-directional steering for maneuvering in tight spaces and wheels in polyurethane material suitable for all surfaces. The carts could be hydraulically raised beneath a steel pallet structure.

4) Leading manufacturer of wind turbine gearbox and drivetrains in Coimbatore, India.

Goal: wind turbine gearbox weighing in excess of 100 tons had to be moved using extra small heavy duty carts. The cart could be no larger than 4 meters long and 2.7 meters wide for indoor and outdoor material handling.

Solution: we designed super-compact, omni-directional heavy duty platform cart to transport a total load of 108 tons. Battery-driven solution was radio-controlled features provided power autonomy of 5 kilometers. Morello cart was equipped with a raiseable load platform and highly precise brushless electric motors with zero maintenance requirements. Each wheel had its own electric motor and braking system plus hydraulic suspension for imperfect flooring.

Power transformers Transport cart - 33 t
Power transformers Transport cart – 33 t

OMNI electric platform cart provides unmatched operational benefits across a wide range of industrial sectors. Significant improvement of plant’s operational efficiency is possible with unique combination of features like transportation capacity of up to 1000 tons, maneuvering in limited space across any surface quality also providing zero environmental impact.