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Battery powered electric SPMTs – 25 t

Battery powered electric SPMTs – 25 t

Morello, always in the vanguard of electric vehicle design, has manufactured 2 battery powered electric SPMTs for a major Indian multinational


Battery powered electric SPMTs are in growing demand by companies the world over who want to be able to move very large and heavy materials in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient manner. Electric batteries and full electric power render these modular SPMTs ideal for use both indoors and out, guaranteeing total flexibility. Aside from being non-polluting, battery powered electric SPMTs with electric motors are also extremely quiet and, above all, clean. Standard modular SPMTs today are manufactured with multiple hydraulic motors and hydrostatic transmissions. This complex hydraulic system is always the source of oil leaks around the plant, in addition to demanding constant, complicated maintenance.

The economic aspect also plays a role to carefully consider in the selection of these SMPTs. The electric motors are in fact much more efficient than their hydraulic counterparts, and therefore reduce power requirements. The cost of electricity is also much less than that of diesel. These factors make battery powered electric SPMTs more economical in the midterm than conventional SPMTs with diesel power and hydraulic motors.

Morello designs battery powered electric self-propelled modular transporters based on customer requirements. We are thus able to manufacture our SPMTs customizing them with the features required by the customer’s load. We can customize capacity, loading bed dimensions, speed, battery life, wheel type and many others. Our attention to the customer and their needs is without doubt the most important feature of our battery powered electric SPMTs.
Contact us for a free consultation where we can discuss your needs. Morello sells its battery powered electric SPMTs the world over!
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25 t – 5,000 x 2,900 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 25 t (up to over 1,000 tons on request)
Steering: omnidirectional
Power: battery
Traction motors: brushless AC
Steering motors: brushless AC
Size: 5,000 x 2,900 mm (other dimensions on request)
Speed: 20 m/min
Battery range: 5 km
Control: radio control
AGV: on request
On request: Ex conformance (Class 1 and 2, Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)

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