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Battery powered self-loading self propelled platform truck – capacity 100 t

Battery powered self-loading self propelled platform truck – capacity 100 t

Morello has designed and built a battery powered self propelled platform truck with a 100 ton capacity.

This self propelled platform truck is fitted with 8 raisable supports arranged on the loading bed (activated by hydraulic cylinders) that allow lifting a pallet which is laden with a load to be transported, and allowing this even without use of crane and gantry.

It has been designed to work both indoors and out. It is in fact provided with 16 superelastic wheels made completely of rubber, suitable for operating over uneven terrain. The 16 wheels are arranged two by two on oscillating axles which in turn are mounted two by two on a mechanical rocker arm. This type of construction allows the self propelled platform truck to distribute the load on all 16 wheels correctly, without overloading the floor over which it works.

All of the electrical components have a minimum IP55 protection and the painting cycle allows for a protection suitable against inclement weather.

In spite of it superior performance, this self propelled platform truck is operated with  battery powered electric motors. These features make it perfect for working indoors, since it has no emissions toxic to workers or the environment!


100 t – 6,100 x 3,000 mm

Main features:

Capacity: 100 t
Speed: 25 m/min with full load
Wheels: superelastic
Motor: AC – low voltage
Radio control

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