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Battery die cart for bearings - 20 t

Enhanced customization, quality and experience define battery-powered self-propelled trolleys designed and manufactured by Morello. Heavy loads and non-standard cargo in metalworking up to gigantic component transportation are the goals that can be easily solved with Morello material handling solutions.

Designed to provide great flexibility and operational efficiency compared to overhead cranes or track transfer trolleys, flagship battery-powered trolley SGAI is an adaptable and flexible solution for heavy-load material handling. Many companies have already appreciated indoor and outdoor transportation capabilities of this eco-friendly model.

Key features of Morello self-propelled battery trolleys

Electric self-propelled carts blend significant noise reduction, rubber wheels for indoor and outdoor use as well as complete range of customization options for steering, power supply, safety, lifting, ground conditions and much more. Standard self-propelled trolley SGAI can carry up to 500 tons and equipped with one or more steering axles.

OMNI and OMNI SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) are flagship models that can carry extremely heavy loads of up to 1000 tons. OMNI features unlimited number of shaft lines to support the load with the axis to handle even the heaviest loads. This model offers complete range of possible steering options including orthogonal, diagonal, around its center and more providing completely independent movement.

Most industrial environments seek to remove any source of air pollution inside and outside its industrial area. Battery-powered trolley contributes significantly to the improvement of air quality inside the workplace while there are still many diesel-powered vehicles. Power supply of our self-propelled battery trolleys is provided by batteries or accumulators. Accordingly, almost all Morello SPMTs are powered by electric and non-hydraulic motors providing both economic and environmental benefits, such as increase in battery autonomy, lower maintenance costs and cleaner operation.

Laser scanning technology ensures safety during transportation together with bumpers made of foam rubber. AGV or SEMI-AGV vehicle uses predefined path providing automated variant among the complete range of available driving technologies.

Although our self-propelled can be equipped with a working driver’s cabin upon customer request, they are usually remotely controlled by radio controller other remote solutions. Moreover, Morello can supply an ATEX version for more dangerous environments like oil and gas or mining. That is usually a useful solution in case of material transportation in industrial paint booths.

All equipment designed by Morello can be equipped with a remote assistance card to provide diagnostic support to Morello and ensure efficient after-sales customer service directly from our offices.

Customized solution for each industrial sector

Flagship self-propelled trolleys SGAI and OMNI from Morello are highly demanded in various industrial sectors. Most common use of SGAI and OMNI is movement of dies and molds in metalworking or automotive sector where our models became synonyms of mold-carrying trolleys.

Among the variety of cases in complete range of industries, Tideway Project in London, UK is worth mentioning with its “Super Sewer” made 25 km below the River Thames. This project was developed to intercept waste water leaks and to clean up the river, ensuring enormous advantages from an environmental point of view. Our battery-powered self-propelled trucks were used for on-site management of prefabricated segments used for tunnel lining. Machines so appreciated by operators for its convenient use in segment transportation from the storage area into the tunnel without the need for a track including any type of noise or air pollution.

Precast electric transporter – 60 t
Precast electric transporter – 60 t

One more interesting Morello case is a decommissioning project of a nuclear power plant. Our self-propelled trolleys were used to transport oversize parts disassembled from the plant, weighing over 100 tons.

Nuclear power plant truck transporter - 130 ton
Nuclear power plant truck transporter – 130 ton

However, Morello equipment has been tested to handle up to approximately 145 tons. Contact us to get full case study and see more successful projects with Morello self-propelled trolleys and more equipment.

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