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Nuclear power plant truck transporter - 130 ton

Based in Turin since 1946 Morello company enhanced international market of tailor-made solutions for on-site material handling and logistics in the variety of industrial sectors. While in 2020 international markets are essential, we focus on global presence creating new partnerships with top tier multinational corporations. The main drive of our international success is based on series of factors blending support service excellence and attention to detail in key heavy industry sectors.

Solving client’s problem

Our key expertise is represented with customized solutions for heavy-load material handling and logistics involving cargo up to and over 1000 tones. Accepting particular heavy load challenge of every client we involve them the whole way through the process to achieve precise result. Morello has a clear and focused approach to problem solving and this pathway is followed with each customer and for each project. As each new project is custom built the initial focus is always on assessing the client’s needs, collecting and analyzing client data and together with the client company evaluating the most suitable solution and technology.

Nuclear power plant truck transporter - 130 ton
Nuclear power plant truck transporter – 130 ton

Know-how in every sector of heavy industry

Each sector has its specific requirements and issues while Morello applies a detailed analytical approach to assess the company’s concrete material handling needs within specific industrial environment.

Solid experience in on both local and international markets ensures widest expertise even for most specific heavy industry sectors. From shipyards to defense industry, from construction to metalworking, Morello customized products provide efficient solutions for transportation and handling of heavy loads.

Manufacturing industry all over the world use Morello equipment to move large equipment and presses on automotive, power generation and steel plants and industrial areas. In the energy sector, Morello has produced self-propelled trucks for the oil and gas sector, nuclear and wind installations. ATEX certified transport systems and self-propelled trolleys is a great advantage in these sectors. The process industries, such as chemical sector also apply Morello self-propelled motorized trucks for onsite material handling.

150 T - DIESEL motorised trolley - SGD VCP4-E
150 T – DIESEL motorised trolley – SGD VCP4-E

Smart Advanced Technologies

35 t - IECEx trolley - OMNI
35 t – IECEx trolley – OMNI

Morello works with the most advanced, refined and smart technology to introduce new levels of performance and safety. Our customized material handling solutions feature advanced IoT, Industry 4.0 and smart technologies. Power supply feature complete range of options from lithium batteries to diesel engines focusing on electric motorization, brushless motors, more durable and precise than standard AC variants providing the core of our self-propelled carts. Advancing safety we use complete range of sensors including navigation, positioning, diagnostics and more functions. Steering options include omnidirectional and multi-directional steering for enhanced maneuverability.

IoT solutions provide Remote Assistance on all our self-propelled trolleys. We use our own software for easy and immediate integration with the customer’s automation. More customization options include human-machine interface and control functions, smart vision, imaging technologies and latest AGV technologies.

Sophisticated Project Management

Wind turbine blades self propelled modular transporters – Capacity 120 t
Wind turbine blades self propelled modular transporters – Capacity 120 t

Dealing with complex project helped Morello to develop unique expertise in Sophisticated Project Management. Efficient and reliable project management system is essential when each project is actually custom-build. After project team is set up a series of documents and procedures ensure high level of project quality and control: we manage Project Quality Control Plan, Vendor Data Requirement List Agreement, Master Project Schedule + Critical Path, Welding Book, Project Risk Analysis, FAT & SAT Procedures and more documents while Client Progress Report keeps the client informed of the project’s progress all the way through. Working with Global Corporations means that Morello can respond to the most severe quality standards and data requirements applied in largest multinational companies across the world.

The result is what defines working with Morello

These drivers helped Morello to build a strong international reputation and presence to become supplier of the largest industrial corporations around the world.

Contact us for proper introductions of our unique expertise and customization opportunities. We will happily guide you through the Morello Pathway, our communication with clients, Morello Smart Technologies, Sophisticated Project Management and refined solutions for each specific industry.

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