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Modular motorized carts for railway coaches – 26 t + 26 t

Morello designed and built two battery-powered self-loading motorized carts used to handle railway coaches..

Capacity: 26 t + 26 t

Dimension: 2,800 x 1,770 mm

Lift: 100 mm

Main characteristics:

The two motorized carts can work either independently or as a pair.

The following steering is possible when working as a pair:

–          Center and rear pivot steering system

–          90°

–          Diagonal

–          Carousel (rotates on itself)

–          Compass

During normal work operations, the two motorized carts are positioned under two pallets that support the railway coach. They then lift the pallets together with the coach and move it to another railway track.

Wheels: polyurethane

Motorization: brushless motors



Synchronized operation