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Motorized wheel-based transfer carts for power transformers – 33 t

A world-renowned manufacturer of power transformers. The company needed to handle large transformers and heavy transformer windings within a large manufacturing plant in the United States, during the production process. The company had previously been using carts with air cushion technology. However, this method was found to be inefficient due to the uneven and inconsistent flooring. Moreover, the energy and compressed air requirements of the carts limited their use within the plant.


The transportation of heavy transformers throughout the plant, both finished and semi-finished and weighing up to 33 tons, both indoors and outdoors. The maneuvering space was very limited, since the production lines had been designed to optimize the operating space and production efficiency, but also to maximize storage space. The transformers needed to be lifted. Moreover, it was important to make sure the motorized carts had complete freedom of movement within and outside the building without restraints owing to their power supply.


MORELLO worked together with the senior engineer responsible for Production Control to propose a solution that would satisfy all of the client’s needs. Two omnidirectional multidirectional motorized carts were proposed with the following characteristics.

Steering: the omnidirectional steering solved the problem of maneuvering in tight spaces. In this case, each wheel can be programmed to move independently of the others.

Surfaces: the polyurethane wheels were found to be most suited to all surfaces of the plant. Rubber tires were also proposed as an alternative for more irregular surfaces.

Lifting: the multifunctional motorized carts can be lifted thanks to a hydraulic system. They are positioned under a steel structure/pallet on which the transformers are placed, which the carts then lift and transport to wherever they are needed within the plant.

Power options: full-electric, battery-powered heavy-duty transfer carts were used with electric drive and steering motors, thus allowing greater autonomy and freedom of movement.

Thanks to these characteristics, the company was able to enjoy a safe, albeit heavy-duty handling solution, eliminating all suspended loads within the factory, improving operator safety and reducing risks, thus providing greater operational flexibility.