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Omnidirectional mold transfer cart – 43 t

An Austrian manufacturer of automotive components and a top-tier supplier that produces 1.9 million small parts and 500,000 large parts for high-end automotive brands every month. Morello worked with the company’s CEO to identify ways to improve the plant’s efficiency. 


In this case, the client company needed to handle numerous injection molds every day, weighing up to 40 tons. The client needed the following solutions:

  • Limit the use of bridge cranes and suspended weights in the plant to improve safety.
  • Speed up mold transfer times within the plant and improve internal production.
  • Optimize the use of mold storage space.


MORELLO proposed the design and construction of a mold transfer cart, or, more specifically, an industrial OMNI-directional motorized cart with 11 steel pallet structures to manage mold handling within the plant. This would allow the client to place the largest molds on raised pallets, ready for handling. The motorized cart would then move under the raised steel pallet, lift the pallet by a few cm/inches off the ground and then deliver it to the new destination.

  • The system allows much faster operation and the operator is able to keep a safe distance, using the remote control. There are no suspended weights hanging on chains.
  • The OMNI-directional cart can move in very tight spaces, make 90° turns and rotate on its own axis.
  • The client had been planning to purchase a cart with standard steering until they saw the OMNI in action: easy to control and with maximum operational flexibility, which also allows a more efficient plant layout.
  • Imperfect surfaces: easy to navigate and manage with hydraulic suspensions
  • Lifting loading platform: the platform can be lifted either parallel to the ground or at individual hydraulic points to adapt to the different ground slopes.
  • An electric motor for each wheel ensures optimal traction and a perfectly controlled braking system.
  • Brushless electric motors: high precision without the need for any maintenance.