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Omnidirectional transfer cart for precast concrete – 60 t


Handling of precast concrete structures in a production facility in South Dakota, United States, for a well-established US company with a 100-year history in the US construction industry.


The company needed to move large precast reinforced concrete panels more than 12 meters (40 feet) long, weighing more than 60 tons (130,000 pounds). These panels had to be transported on A-frame steel pallets and needed to be used both inside and outside the facility.


Morello worked on the design and construction of 2 omnidirectional heavy-duty motorized carts designed for handling heavy materials, in this case, concrete panels at the facility. These carts are 12 meters (40 feet) long and are designed to lift A-frame steel pallets used to support and transport the precast structures. The steel pallets used to support the long rectangular concrete panels were similarly designed and built by Morello to ensure the utmost efficiency of use with the carts.

To support the 60-ton (130,000-pound) concrete panels, the omnidirectional cart is positioned under the steel pallet using a remote control. The cart is lifted by a few centimeters (inches) off the ground, thus lifting the A-frame steel pallet on which the concrete panels are loaded, and can then be moved via remote control to the target destination.


Steering: to control and maneuver this load within the limited available space, omnidirectional or multidirectional steering was proposed so that the carts can rotate on themselves, make 90° turns or move diagonally. This ensures maximum steering flexibility. The omnidirectional carts are also equipped with an independent electric motor for each wheel.

Power autonomy: the heavy-duty industrial carts need to work continuously for many hours and therefore need to be powered by lithium batteries with an effective autonomy of 8 km (5 miles). The operating speed is 25 meters/min (82 ft/min). Moreover, the carts are powered by high-precision, maintenance-free brushless electric motors.

Suspension: since the heavy-duty industrial carts need to operate both inside and outside the facility, they are equipped with hydraulic suspension to adapt to uneven and imperfect surfaces.

Software: 100% Morello-owned software developed thanks to many years of experience in industrial applications and the production of heavy-duty transfer carts.

Technical assistance: the cart is equipped with a high-tech diagnostic system on the HMI interface. Remote assistance can be provided directly from the Morello headquarters through integrated IoT devices. Morello also collaborates with an expert technical partner based in the US able to provide practical support whenever needed. The solution provided to Morello’s US client company makes use of cutting-edge technology designed to improve factory operations. The experience acquired over many years of business, in addition to Morello’s project management processes, ensures no operational detail is overlooked and guarantees ongoing and complete technical and sales support