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Pallet jack mold transfer cart for injection molds – 60 t

A German manufacturer of automotive parts for luxury car brands including Bugatti, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce and more. MORELLO worked with the production manager to develop a handling solution for multiple injection molds with a capacity of up to 60 tons.


With the existing solution, injection molds were stored on the floor and handled using rollers and cranes, taking up a huge amount of time. Operations were slow and semi-manual, with each stage requiring an operator to climb up a ladder and attach the crane lifting chains to the mold. There was considerable room for improvement in terms of operational speed and the level of safety. Due to space constraints, other molds frequently had to be moved in order to access the one that was required.

  • The client also needed a very low loading platform
  • The industrial motorized cart needed to be small and compact, given the very limited available space
  • The use of overhead cranes and suspended loads thus had to be reduced to a minimum.


MORELLO proposed the use of a mold transfer cart and system whereby each mold was stored directly on 4 supports with steel columns, about 650 mm high. This allowed the mold transfer cart to move under the mold, to lift the mold off the support columns and then transfer it to its new destination, where it would be repositioned on another 4 support columns. This solution was found to be very efficient compared to the previous method.

  • Greater efficiency in internal logistics has also resulted in economic savings
  • Safety has considerably improved
  • Staff morale has greatly benefited by the implementation of a cutting-edge technology that is not only faster but also easier to use
  • Compact turning radius, with drive wheels capable of 90° turns
  • Cart powered by lithium battery, 2-hour full charge / 10-minute partial charge


  • Morello proprietary software: optimized in a range of operational contexts over the years.
  •  System diagnostics: advanced system on HMI (human-machine interface)
  •  IoT capacity: integrated remote assistance devices allowing Morello to provide technical assistance even by remote.
  •  Leading technology brands: PLC and HMI models by Siemens or Allen Bradley.
  •  AGV: OMNI carts can be modified with an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) version fitted with additional sensors and software.