Customized, highly innovative solutions for our clients

Morello solves problems in material handling and logistics for all types of companies since 1946. Discover leading provider of customized solutions among transfer trolley manufacturers.

Constantly at the service of its customers, the MORELLO Company offers both standard solutions and solutions specifically designed to best solve the specific and most complex handling needs; for this purpose the Company is equipped with the most advanced computer systems.


MORELLO Company produces a wide range of industrial transfer trolleys and trailers that operate in a variety of sectors: shipbuilding, iron and steel, automotive, paper, chemical, energy, aeronautical, aerospace, building prefabrication, ports, airports and more industries. Wide range of products from MORELLO features lifting platforms, tilters and equipment specifically designed for the customer’s production cycle.

Variety of industries covered by company’s expertise over the years, a vast experience in every type of operational setting underlines MORELLO among transfer trolley manufacturers facing problems of material handling even in the most demanding environments


Its design, commercial and administrative flexibility and its great know-how have led the MORELLO Company to work successfully for markets in every part of the world, both through engineering companies and plants and directly for manufacturing companies located on all five continents.

The Company’s staff makes every effort to provide quick responses, reliable and high-performance products, reduced delivery times and an effective after-sales service. This daily commitment represents the best service available to all current and future customers of the MORELLO Company.