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Full electric truck – 40 t

Full electric truck – 40 t

Morello has recently manufactured a full electric truck for the transport of large loads inside industrial plants

In fact, ever more frequently, companies the world over are having to deal with the problem of pollution caused by diesel vehicles. The movement of diesel vehicles inside plants is starting to be often prohibited, even out-of-doors. For this reason, many of our customers are converting their transport vehicles, even those of the largest capacity, from ones powered by combustion engines to those with electric motors run on battery.
In particular, in many they are replacing the diesel trucks they use to move materials from one warehouse to another with battery powered electric trucks. These electric trucks are also very useful insofar as, in addition to making outdoor transport more eco-friendly, they also have the possibility of working inside warehouses, indoors, something that diesel trucks cannot do.

Our full electric truck also has some extremely beneficial features making it the perfect eco-friendly replacement for diesel trucks. This vehicle is powered by a high energy density lithium battery, which allows for extremely fast recharging times. Hence, autonomy is not a problem, even for companies that work 3 shifts.

This full electric truck, thanks to its electric motor, controlled by PLC and the latest generation of inverter, enjoys an extremely high level of efficiency. This efficiency, along with the minor cost of electrical energy when compared to the costs of diesel, guarantees an annual savings in the thousands of dollars, making this full electric truck more economical in the midterm than a truck with a combustion engine.

Another very important feature of this full electric truck is its versatility. Morello is in fact able to customize this vehicle in any way. We can make electric trucks with capacities of 2 tons up to over 100 tons. We can customize the dimensions and shape of the loading bed based on customer requirements and the load that needs to be moved (in this particular case, the customer had to transport steel coils for which we designed a special V-shaped saddle for holding the coil). We can also define, together with the customer, battery life and truck speed. On request, we can even customize the vehicle to travel on public thoroughfares. Contact us for a free consultation about your needs. Morello exports its battery powered electric trucks the world over.

40 t – 7,600 x 2,500 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 40 t (up to over 100 tons on request)
Steering: front steering axle
Power: lithium battery
Traction motors: AC
Steering motors: AC
Size: 7,600 x 2,500 mm (other dimensions on request)
Speed: 6 km/h with full load (up to 30 km/h on request)
Battery life: 10 km
Control: driver’s cab
Adapted for public streets: on request
AGV: on request
On request: Ex conformance (Class 1 and 2, Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)

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