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Onsite transportation within plants and industrial areas operating in energy industry always posed challenges for engineers to make it more risk-free and efficient. Customized self-propelled trolley from Morello is the key to solve these heavy challenges. Made according to concrete requests considering specific energy sector and individual working environment, our heavy-duty carts pioneer customization in material handling for energy sector since foundation of our company.

Equipment weighing several tons or even more like large transformers, heavy coolers, huge turbines and massive generators challenges material handling and logistics in Power Generation sector nowadays. Besides transportation during production and logistics phase heavy-load non-standard items and components must be positioned once reaching final destination.

We present two cases from our project portfolio that perfectly illustrates efficiency and safety excellence together with customization opportunities provided by our heavy-duty carts. Facing challenges in Energy Production sector we made transport trolley for heavy loads a real breakthrough in production dynamics for these two companies.

Case 1: Easy handling of power transformers in USA

International supplier of large power transformers based in the United States challenged us with onsite handling of overload transformers weighing up to 33 tons including its heavy windings during manufacturing process. At that moment company used trolleys with air cushion technology having problems with lack of perfectly flat and homogeneous floor as well as with energy and compressed air requirements that limited their use in the factory. Besides limited spaces for maneuvering while transformers also had to be raised. One more issue was restriction regarding power supply to provide self-propelled trolleys with total freedom of movement inside and outside the shed.

Our solution was to design two omnidirectional self-propelled trolleys with definitive technical characteristics developed in collaboration with Production Control senior engineer. With each wheel programmed to move independently, omnidirectional steering solved the problem of maneuvering in tight spaces. Polyurethane wheels and rubber tires as alternative have proved to be suitable for all surfaces of the system. Multidirectional self-propelled trolleys provide effective lifting positioned under a steel structure and using hydraulic system for easy lifting and repositioning wherever necessary within the system. Fully electric battery-powered trolleys were equipped with modern electric motors for both traction and steering, providing greater autonomy, freedom of movement and cost-effectiveness.

Integration of our customized equipment ensured safe solution for handling of power transformers inside the factory – safe and risk-free providing greater operational flexibility.

Power transformers Transport cart - 33 t
Power transformers Transport cart – 33 t

Case 2: Flexible handling of heavy-load coolers in India

Leading manufacturer in the field heating, cooling, water and waste management building a new plant in India asked us for effective solution in handling of large coolers weighing up to 65 tons. Plant design integrated use of transfer trolleys on tracks for handling of heavy materials requiring the installation of a fixed track system and use of 2 coordinated self-propelled trolleys. We offered more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Semi-finished coolers weighing up to 65 tons had to be moved during different stages of the production process to various work areas located throughout the plant indoor and outdoor. Limited space was a key issue together with load distribution since in larger coolers the weight is concentrated on its ends.

Collaboration with the Process Engineer for alternative solution was in the key of operational problems offering 12-meter multidirectional self-propelled trolleys as ultimate solution and perfect alternative to rail handling. Omnidirectional steering solved all directional and space problems while single self-propelled trolley provided higher speed of movement. And limitations of rail transportation were removed. Optimized plant layout removed rail limitations and pit necessary for the second transfer trolley. The single cart turned out to be more cost-effective solution both in purchase and maintenance costs.

Design of heavy-load self-propelled trolleys considered uneven weight distribution inside the cooler for optimal load transportation. Careful calculation using Morello’s proprietary software ensured safe movement and operation. Loading surface of the trolley was raised and adjusted with a hydraulic system to maintain the horizontal position at any time and compensate any slopes during handling operations. Equipped with 4 safety laser scanners positioned on each side ensured safety handling heavy loads inside the plant both indoor and outdoor. Brushless electric motor demonstrated high precision and cost-effective maintenance.

Installed remote assistance card can be installed on all self-propelled trolleys provide rapid diagnosis and technical support directly from its headquarters. In case of required technical assistance Morello network of international technical partners ensures quick and professional maintenance.

Customized and high-quality solutions in our portfolio of power generation industry perfectly demonstrate we develop solutions of any scale and complexity. Contact our team to get detailed information on our services and equipment.

Omnidirectonal agv trolley 68t

Omnidirectonal agv trolley 68t

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