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MORELLO’s Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The stringent quality standards in the automotive industry exert significant pressure on auto parts manufacturers to maintain high production efficiency and “World Class” logistics within their facilities.

Components like bumpers, mudguards, and rear spoilers, produced for renowned companies such as BMW, VW, Volvo, FCA, Toyota, and GM, to name just a few, demand not only defect-free parts but also absolute precision, reliable delivery, continuous innovation, and the ability for lean manufacturing. These components are typically manufactured through injection molding, using large-sized molds weighing up to 100 tons. Morello’s electric carts, specifically designed for heavy-duty handling, commonly referred to as mold transfer carts, play a crucial role in the automotive sector, ensuring enhanced efficiency and elevated safety standards.

Get in touch with our experts to discover all the technical specifications of our industrial heavy-duty handling carts tailored for automotive applications.


Videos - Applications in the Automotive Industry

Case Studies - Morello Projects for the Automotive Industry

Pallet jack mold transfer cart for injection molds – 60 t

A German manufacturer of automotive parts for luxury car brands including Bugatti, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce and more. MORELLO worked with the production manager to develop a handling solution for multiple injection molds with a capacity of up to 60 tons. THE CHALLENGE With the existing solution, injection molds were stored on the […]

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Omnidirectional mold transfer cart – 43 t

An Austrian manufacturer of automotive components and a top-tier supplier that produces 1.9 million small parts and 500,000 large parts for high-end automotive brands every month. Morello worked with the company’s CEO to identify ways to improve the plant’s efficiency.  THE CHALLENGE In this case, the client company needed to handle numerous injection molds every […]

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Main clients in the Automotive Industry