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MORELLO solutions for the Defense Industry

From the manufacture of tanks and armored vehicles to the production of military aircraft and helicopters, Morello heavy-duty transfer carts offer a range of benefits related to logistical efficiency, system safety and operational flexibility thanks to their cutting-edge technology and on-board innovations.

The philosophy underpinning Morello solutions for clients in the Defense industry is closely tied in with the principles of lean manufacturing and is key to the optimization of production processes. Morello designs unique and customized solutions for the handling of finished and semi-finished products during the production process, such as machinery and transfer carts for armored tanks and military vehicles, allowing the optimization of internal processes within military facilities.

Get in touch with our experts to discover all the technical features of our machinery and transfer carts for armored tanks and military vehicles in the Defense industry.

Videos - Applications in the Defense Industry

Case Studies - Morello Projects for the Defense Industry

Lifting system for armored military vehicles – 80 t

Morello has developed a system for the maintenance of armored military vehicles such as the Superav – Amphibious Armored Vehicle, the Centaur – Armored Fighting Vehicle, the VBM Freccia, the Dardo IFV and the VBTP – amphibious armored vehicle, and the Ariete. Morello armored vehicle lifting systems are used by military groups around the world […]

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