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Naval and Shipbuilding

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MORELLO solutions for the Naval and Shipbuilding Industry

Handling extremely large ship sections and panels for the construction of ships or newly manufactured vessels is a challenge requiring extensive industry knowledge and experience. The handling machinery must be 100% reliable and ensure the safe and frequent movement of extremely heavy loads.

Shipyards that also build and service luxury yachts need to handle these vessels with the utmost caution in order to maintain their immaculate appearance, free of scratches and dents. Engineers in this industry consider knowledge of the shipbuilding industry a very important factor when selecting their partners, and Morello has the experience necessary to supply machinery suited to the handling and lifting of heavy loads on ships.

Moreover, the shipbuilding industry may need to address the challenge of moving very delicate, high-value equipment on the deck or within the hold of a ship, in the middle of the sea. This requires in-depth knowledge of the environment and advanced technology, which Morello is able to offer and has done so for offshore platforms and FPSOs/FLNGs, as well as for the amply documented OceanXplorer project.

Get in touch with our experts to discover all the technical features of our heavy-duty machinery and carts for the handling and lifting of heavy loads in the Naval and Shipbuilding Industry. 

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Case Studies - Morello Projects for the Naval and Shipbuilding Industry

Transfer cart for on-board submarines – 20 t

OceanX is a company based in the United States founded by Ray Dalio and his son, Mark Dalio. Their mission is to explore the deep ocean, inform, inspire, protect the seas and bring marine and ocean life to the eyes of the world through captivating storytelling. The OceanXplorer ship carries 4 different underwater vessels and […]

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