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Power Transformers

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MORELLO solutions for the Power Transformers Industry

The safe and efficient handling of power transformers, both finished and semi-finished, within a production facility can be quite challenging. Thanks to the vast experience acquired over the years in managing large-sized and heavy-weight loads, today Morello is able to provide several different types of battery-powered motorized carts for the handling and transfer of large power transformers (PT). The factors that need to be considered include the limited maneuvering space, the maximization of production efficiency, lifting without the use of overhead cranes, maneuvering both inside and outside the facility and compliance with strict safety regulations.

Get in touch with our experts to discover all the technical features of our motorized handling and transfer carts for power transformers.

Videos - Applications in the Power Transformers Industry

Case Studies - Morello Projects for the Power Transformers Industry

Motorized wheel-based transfer carts for power transformers – 33 t

A world-renowned manufacturer of power transformers. The company needed to handle large transformers and heavy transformer windings within a large manufacturing plant in the United States, during the production process. The company had previously been using carts with air cushion technology. However, this method was found to be inefficient due to the uneven and inconsistent […]

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