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Precast Concrete

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MORELLO solutions for Precast concrete

Precast concrete panels are fabrications made by pouring the concrete into a reusable mold, which is then left to dry in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and installed. Prefabricated elements can reach considerable weights and need to be handled both inside and outside the production plant but also in the work site. Morello boasts consolidated experience in supplying industrial heavy-duty carts to producers of precast concrete, thus aiding the productivity and efficiency of important international projects.

In Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Middle East, Morello battery-powered transfer carts are used to handle and move different types of prefabricated elements such as very large concrete beams or smaller and more compact elements, either in the production plants or directly on site.

Get in touch with our experts to discover all the technical features of our motorized transfer carts for the transportation and handling of precast elements in production plants and construction sites.

Videos - Applications in the Precast Concrete Industry

Case Studies - Morello Projects for the Precast Concrete Industry

Omnidirectional transfer cart for precast concrete – 60 t

CASE STUDY Handling of precast concrete structures in a production facility in South Dakota, United States, for a well-established US company with a 100-year history in the US construction industry. THE CHALLENGE The company needed to move large precast reinforced concrete panels more than 12 meters (40 feet) long, weighing more than 60 tons (130,000 […]

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Main clients in the Precast Concrete Industry