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Wind power

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MORELLO solutions for the Wind Power industry

The extremely long blades of a wind turbine are its driving force and the means by which the energy is extracted from the wind. Once fabricated, they need to be moved, transported and handled with care. The gearbox of a wind turbine is similarly extremely heavy and must be safely transported within and outside the production facility. The amount of wind energy being produced each day has significantly increased over the last ten years, and new wind farms – both onshore and offshore – are constantly popping up throughout the world. Morello is proud to have supplied battery-powered electric motorized handling and transfer carts for various components of wind turbines, for example the very large and heavy rotor blades, for projects in numerous international markets.

Get in touch with our experts to discover all the technical features of our motorized handling and transfer carts for wind turbines and rotor blades.

Videos - Applications in the Wind Power Industry

Case Studies - Morello Projects for the Wind Power Industry

Omnidirectional transfer cart for wind turbine gearboxes – 108 t

An innovative and leading manufacturer of wind turbine gearboxes and transmissions needed a solution to move extremely heavy wind turbine gearboxes for a wind farm project in India. THE CHALLENGE In this case, the gearboxes weighed more than 100 tons. The challenge consisted in supplying a personalized industrial transfer cart with relatively compact dimensions. The […]

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Transfer carts for the longest wind turbine blade in the world – 60 t + 60 t

A renowned global manufacturer of wind turbine blades. In this specific case, the French company addressed the challenge of needing to handle the world’s longest wind turbine blade! The blade was 108 meters long – the length of a soccer field, to put it into perspective – and weighed 80 tons. Successfully providing the right […]

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