Posted on January 19, 2021

Constantly growing quality standards in automotive industry put significant pressure on manufacturers of auto parts to maintain production efficiency and factory logistics at world class levels.

Top of the game level is to deliver ideal-quality components such as bumpers, fenders, side members and rear spoilers for companies like BMW, VW, Volvo, FCA, Toyota, GM. Each part should demonstrate absolute precision, delivery reliability, continuous innovation and lean manufacturing capabilities.

Heavy load component parts are manufactured by injection molding using large molds weighing up to 100 tons. To enhance production efficiency a strong technical competence is required along with dynamic handling of all development and production steps using specialized heavy material handling equipment.

50 T - Press tools trolley - SGAI VC
50 T – Press tools trolley – SGAI VC

Using best practices we implement lean manufacturing that blends minimum waste within manufacturing systems and maximum productivity. This solution eliminates production downtime, improves factory logistics, eliminates unsafe procedures, implements highly reliable technologies and optimizes man-hours.

Global automotive industry

Mold carts for automotive component manufacturers represent a key element of Morello business. Morello self-propelled industrial trolleys are used to mass transfer large injection molds within production plants of medium and enterprise-scale companies in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, France and other countries.

We designed and built three different types, customizable, of mold-holder carriages for the Automotive sector: battery-powered self-propelled trolleys, for handling molds up to 15 tons, diesel-powered self-propelled trolleys, when the powers involved are too high to power the wagon with batteries, and hybrid trolleys, ideal for heavy loads up to 20 tons.

Automotive companies have numerous molds that must be transferred daily within the plant, from a storage place to the molding presses, maintenance rooms, etc. So what is the most efficient way to do all this?

Morello case history includes two signature supplies of self-propelled industrial trucks to automotive component manufacturers to improve their operations. The focus is on productivity, plant efficiency, safety and smart and environmentally friendly technologies. In these two cases, we can see all of Morello experience and skills in action.

Case 1 Austrian automotive parts manufacturer

Morello was challenged by a top-tier supplier, producing 1.9 million small and 500,000 large parts for top brand car manufacturers every month. Morello worked with the company’s CEO to improve the efficiency of the plant.

Challenge: client had numerous injection molds up to 40 tons in weight to handle daily. The client’s goals were to limit the use of overhead cranes and suspended weights for safety reasons, speed ​​up the transport of molds and improve internal productivity and optimize the use of space in the mold storage area.

Solution: design and construction of an OMNI directional self-propelled industrial trolley, with 11 steel pallet structures to manage the handling of the molds within the plant. In this way, the customer was able to place the larger molds on the raised pallets, ready for handling. The self-propelled trolley then moves under the raised steel pallet, lifts the pallet a few cm / inches above the ground and takes it to the new destination.

Our solution made everything much faster than before and the operator remains at a safe distance using the remote control. There are no suspended weights, hanging from the chains. Our solution is OMNI directional and can move in very confined spaces, turning 90 ° and rotating around its own axis. Client was intent on purchasing a standard-steered truck until he saw an OMNI in action – easy to operate, with maximum operational flexibility leading to a better plant layout.

Following issues were covered by our solution:

  • Imperfect ground surfaces: covered and managed by hydraulic suspensions
  • Liftable loading platform: it can be raised both parallel to the ground and by lifting the individual hydraulic points, to adapt to the different slopes of the ground.
  • An electric motor for each wheel: guarantees optimum traction and a perfectly controlled braking system.
  • Brushless electric motors: high precision, without the need for maintenance.

Case 2: German manufacturer of auto parts for luxury car brands

Morello worked with the Production Director to provide a solution for moving multiple injection molds weighing up to 60 tons to produce parts for luxury car brands such as Bugatti, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce and others.

Challenge: before our solution was implemented, the injection molds were stored on the ground and moving them with rollers and cranes was very time consuming. The operation was slow, semi-manual and every movement involved a person climbing a ladder to attach the cranes lifting chains to the mold. There was significant scope to speed up operations and improve safety. Due to the limited space, it was often necessary to move other molds to access the one required.

The client required a very low loading platform while the heavy duty platform cart had to be small and compact due to very limited space. One more issue was that the use of bridge cranes and suspended weights was to be reduced.

Solution: Morello proposed the use of a die transfer cart and a system whereby each mold was stored directly on 4 steel columns supports c.650mm / 2ft high. The die cart, in this way, can move below the mold, raise the mold off its support columns and transport it to its new location where it would be repositioned on other 4 support columns. This solution was significantly more effective than the previous method employed.

As a result, internal logistics has been greatly improved leading to economic savings along with safety that has been greatly increased. Staff morale has benefited from implementing safer, quicker, easy to use advanced technology.

We designed battery-powered trolley with lithium battery providing 2-hour full recharge and 10-minute partial charge featuring compact steering radius and traction wheels turning to 90°.

Following on-board and support technology by Morello were implemented:

  • System Diagnostics: advanced system on the HMI (human-machine interface)
  • Morello Proprietary Software: optimized in many operational scenarios over many years.
  • IoT capabilities: integrated remote assistance devices which allow Morello to provide remote technical support.
  • Leading Technology Brands: PLC and HMI models from Siemens or Allen Bradley.
  • AGV: the OMNI trollies can be modified to an AGV version (automated guided vehicle) by adding additional sensors and software.

These two cases in our portfolio perfectly illustrate how Morello provides customized solutions to different companies. Two companies, often in the same industry and in the same business, to do the same task can often have different project requirements. Morello’s approach to client problem solving together with vast industry experience is a guarantee that you will find a technology partner who will add significant value to your operations.

Morello Client Engagement Team: Amedeo Morello, Luca Tibaldi, Stefano Rizzo

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