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Based in Turin in north-western Italy, Morello offers expertise in customization and production of industrial material handling trolleys for international market. With a solid portfolio of heavy-load handling challenges in a variety of industrial sectors, today Morello actively enhances international market. Handling of heavy loads up to 1000 tons for international companies is 60% of Morello business nowadays.

Producing heavy-duty transport trolleys, Morello blends unmatched quality, expert problem solving, advanced technologies and complex project management. Global companies such as Samsung, Siemens, General Electric, Tenaris, ABB, Saipem, Alstom, ArcelorMittal, Toyota, Hyundai, SKF and many more apply material handling solutions from Morello in their operations worldwide

Our team of engineers offers the most advanced technologies in the world regarding forklifts making multinational corporations and international companies chose Morello as reliable, well-organized and certified manufacturer of industrial self-propelled vehicles.

International Prospect

Before expanding to European market in France, Germany, Spain and UK, Morello original core business was based in Italy. Now our solutions are used in plant operations in nearly 20 different industries with specific operational requirements around the world.

Our presence in the United States involves reliable technical-commercial partner Prella Technologies supplying industrial trolleys for material handling and logistics in the variety of sectors. Blending advanced technologies, experience in the industrial sector together with rigorous quality and project management we challenge most severe logistical barriers for US customers.

Poland represents one more successful example of developing a foreign market. Partnership with TransTechnik, a company specializing in transport solutions for plant manufacturing sectors defined our further success in automation of material handling for local companies. Morello material handling trolleys are also present in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets with emphasis on energy sector.

Remote and Local Support in real-time technical support is one of key features for our international success. Morello collaborates with a network of technical-commercial partners in key markets. Our industrial trolleys for material handling can be equipped with on-board remote assistance technology providing immediate expert support and advanced diagnostics. We can also continuously monitor all equipment remotely and plan preventive maintenance.

Presence on international market

Supplying industrial self-propelled vehicles we care about each detail in customer demands covering complete range of industrial sectors around the world.

In Oil & Gas sector we work with companies from the United States, Australia, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Nigeria, Angola providing customized ATEX trolleys in line with individual requirements.

Nuclear power plants in Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, United Kingdom use Morello equipment for both functioning and decommissioning projects.

We have wind energy projects in France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, China, India solving unmatched cases of wind turbine handling.

In automotive industry we offer excellence in mold carrying trolley customization for companies from Mexico to the United States through all European markets to Eastern Europe also exploring new opportunities in India.

Handling heavy sheets, coils and pipes in steel and metalworking industries Morello trolleys are used on the markets of Middle East and Turkey, USA and Mexico, Russia and Eastern Europe as well as in all Western Europe.

For handling of large transformers, turbines, chillers and other equipment in Energy sector we are present in the United States, India, almost all European countries, the Middle East also opening new markets.

Construction industry is presented with unique tunneling case in the UK, handling of precast concrete in the US and Saudi Arabia and other large building projects.

Besides indicated industries Morello offer solid experience and rich case portfolio in sectors of defense, shipbuilding, chemical, solutions for asphalt mixing plants, large valves and radiators around the world.


Morello Customer Loyalty Team: Amedeo Morello, Luca Tibaldi, Stefano Rizzo

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