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Battery powered cartsRead More

Battery powered carts

Normal steering battery powered carts – SGAI    (CAPACITY: 0 – 500 t) Multidirectional steering...

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AGV – Automated guided cartsRead More

AGV – Automated guided carts

CAPACITY: 0 – 1000 TONS Morello designs and manufactures customized AGV carts (Automated Guided Vehicle)...

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Diesel self-propelled platform trucksRead More

Diesel self-propelled platform trucks

Our diesel powered self propelled platform trucks CAPACITY: 0 – 1000 TONS Thanks to extended...

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Rail transfer cartsRead More

Rail transfer carts

The transfer cart by definition! CAPACITY: 0 – 1000 TONS Morello powered rail cart represents an...

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Upenders / TiltersRead More

Upenders / Tilters

Upender for every need Tilters for dies, coils and other heavy materials CAPACITY: 0 –...

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Handling equipmentRead More

Handling equipment

CAPACITY AND DIMENSIONS ON REQUEST Morello is the leading material handling equipment supplier blending modern...

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Explosion proof trolleysRead More

Explosion proof trolleys

Trolleys for explosive environments CAPACITY: 0 – 1000 TONS Morello designs and produces EX transporters...

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