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SGAI high-precision electric transporter: technology and versatility

Battery-powered transport cart for die, mold and tool handling


SGAI electric platform cart is designed and built to provide enhanced operational flexibility.

In spaces where overhead cranes are off-limits, our industrial platform trucks are particularly valuable. Steering in any direction, traveling on all types of surfaces and floors with an option of following a predefined route, SGAI electric mover blends quality, performance and safety. For this reason, SGAI is perfectly functioning as die cart handling also other types of heavy loads.

Offering effective blend of mobility, reliability and safety, SGAI gained particular success as die transport cart in metalworking industries. Mold, tool and die handling always required advanced adaptability and flexibility for industrial platform trucks and this demand was perfectly satisfied by SGAI. Functioning as electric die cart SGAI is fully customizable according to concrete operational condition of in-house material transportation for die and moldmaking industries.

Besides metalmaking, die transfer cart is widely used in the automotive industry all over the world. SGAI electric-powered cart will suit die handling on any industrial establishment providing transportation from the warehouse to the presses or to maintenance area. Contact us to get full technical specifications on SGAI electric cart for die change and handling.

At the bottom of the page, you can find diagrams on the various types of steering available for SGAI.

Our battery-operated platform trolleys offer great simplicity of maneuvering to transfer delicate materials in tight spaces. Besides excellence in performance and problem-solving SGAI electric transporter provides low environmental impact.

But the perfect product is only the one that suits your needs.

For this reason, in the design of every electric mover, we conduct a preliminary study on the conditions of use and on the particular needs of the user.

There are some different driving options: industrial platform trucks with on-board operator, equipped with a driver’s cab or a standing footboard; or with on-ground operator, remotely controlled with a radio remote control or a wired pendant panel. Check a detailed description here, to choose the solution that’s right for you

Upon request:

We can supply our SGAI electric platform carts in AGV version (Automated Guided Vehicle) ensuring complete automation of vehicle movement. Automated electric transporters constantly gain popularity in all industrial sectors. Visit our section for AGVs to find right solutions for your concrete application needs.

We offer SGAI battery-operated platform trolleys specially designed for explosive environments (Class 1 and 2), ATEX and IECEx (offshore platforms, paint booths, mines) as well as for the petrochemical and mining industry.


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Battery powered trolleys steering

Read more about the types of steering system

  • Capacity: from 1 ton to over 500 tons
  • Steering: one steering axle or two steering axles. Omnidirectional on request (90°, diagonal/crab, carousel/360°,...)
  • Power supply: battery (plant grid or diesel generator on request)
  • Traction motors: AC
  • Steering motors: AC
  • Type of wheels: rubber or polyurethane
  • Dimensions: on request
  • Speed: on request (from 0.5 mph to over 6 mph)
  • Elevating loading platform: on request
  • Battery range: on request (from 1 mile to over 10 miles)
  • Control: radio control or driver's cab
  • Gradient to climb: on request (from 2% to over 10%)
  • Safety systems: laser scanners, sensitive bumpers, sensitive edges, ultrasonic sensors
  • Ex conformance: on request (Class 1 and 2, Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)
  • AGV: on request.