Battery powered carts

Normal steering battery powered carts – SGAI    (CAPACITY: 0 – 500 t)
Normal steering battery powered trolleys - SGAI*

Multidirectional steering battery powered carts – OMNI    (CAPACITY: 0 – 1000 t)
Multidirectional steering battery powered trolleys - OMNI**

Morello heavy-duty platform cart solutions

Our passion about quality and customization is perfectly reflected in unmatched performance and functionality of our industrial platform trucks. We put quality, safety and flexibility at the center of our work, adopting advanced technological solutions to create modern image of electric platform cart.

Based on a traditional steering mechanism, our SGAI heavy-duty platform carts are designed to carry heavy loads where plant and overhead cranes cannot operate. SGAI solution guarantees precise movement in factory and plant environment with limited spaces and routes. SGAI electric platform cart offers capacity of 500 tons as well as confident handling and steering on any type of terrain having no route limitations like with rail cars.

Even smaller industrial spaces with extremely limited roads and even heavier loads can be perfectly served by our ultimate OMNI heavy-duty trolleys. Thanks to completely independent wheel units, an OMNI provides multidirectional (or omnidirectional) steering capacity, which allows it to move even the largest loads in the tightest spaces.

The independence between the various wheel units also allows adding as many axle lines as necessary, thus reaching a capacity of up to 1,000 tons per single heavy-duty platform cart. Thanks to an elevating loading platform, OMNI ensures further operational reduction of overhead cranes, increasing customer’s productivity.

For a detailed description on the types of steering you can read more here.

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We are constantly updating our standards, improving the quality and customization possibilities of our industrial platform trucks. Additional customization options are performed for operating under special conditions. For example, we can transform our heavy-duty trolleys in self-driving AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) as well as in an explosion-proof trolley (perfectly suitable for hazardous areas such as offshore platforms, paint booths or mines).

Morello heavy-duty platform cart is synonymous with advanced customization and adaptability. The wide range of models and design flexibility make our products ideal for a complete range of sectors and applications. We design our electric platform carts with respect for the environment increasing productivity and providing significant savings in maintenance and consumption.