Electric transporter trucks

Electric heavy-duty truck for eco-friendly and customized material handling


Customized and eco-friendly material handling using trucks and transporters inside modern plants and industrial areas is Morello key expertise on international market. Hybrid or battery-operated truck for heavy-duty, large and non-standard cargo is manufactured by Morello according to individual projects and specific operating requirements.

Battery-operated platform trucks

Onsite material handling within industrial areas created problem of pollution leading to overview or even prohibition of trucks transporters with diesel engines. Platform trucks using electric or hybrid engine and latest generation inverters getting power from one or more batteries mounted on electric lorries.

Key advantages of a fully electric truck transporter for material handling:

  • Eco-friendly solution providing complete absence of pollution (indoor and outdoor use flexibility)
  • Energy effectiveness saving thousands of euros per year (Diesel against Electricity)
  • Less maintenance
  • Less noise pollution
  • Vehicle productivity growth with increased useful life periods (simple and cheap electric motor replacement)
  • Automation opportunities

Battery types used in heavy duty electric truck by Morello vary from classic lead-acid batteries to the latest generation of lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries is the key factor of battery operated truck popularity. Important advantages of this battery type are charging speed of up to an hour with the most sophisticated lithium-ion cells and the possibility of bottle-feeding recharge even for a few minutes. These benefits allowed electric heavy duty truck suit the most tense work cycles with short recharging stops only. Electric truck transporter can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an adequate study of the battery size, recharging periods and replacement conditions.

Hybrid platform trucks

Hybrid truck transporter for material handling is an extremely flexible solution blending pollution-free battery and diesel vehicle autonomy. Hybrid platform truck by Morello can operate both in battery-only and diesel engine mode providing operator with opportunity to switch from emission-free battery to diesel power. Such flexibility is very useful for all those movements that involve both indoor and outdoor operations providing extensive autonomy unmatched by battery-driven only solutions.

Morello battery-operated platform truck feature electric traction motors with alternating current, managed by a PLC and inverter blending low maintenance and high reliability. High maintenance costs, environmental issues, high consumption and low reliability of hydraulic motors are advanced with our electric truck-transporters.

Morello battery-operated truck is equipped with PLC, inverters, electronic sensors and AGV version are perfectly suitable for complete automation. Our key expertise is enhanced customization of trucks and transporters for holding mold and coils with trucks requiring saddles suitable for the transport of coils or reinforced frames for the concentration of mold loads. Discover complete range of electric truck customization opportunities contacting our experts.

  • Capacity: from 2 tons to over 1,000 tons
  • Steering: standard (or omnidirectional on request)
  • Power supply: battery or hybrid
  • Traction motors: AC
  • Steering motors: AC
  • Type of wheels: rubber
  • Dimensions: on request
  • Speed: on request (from 1.2 km / h to 10 km / h)
  • Lifting stroke: on request
  • Battery autonomy: on request (from 4 km to over 20 km)
  • Command: cockpit
  • Gradeability: on request
  • Operational environmen: both indoor and outdoor
  • ATEX / IECEx compliance: on request (Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)