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Rail transfer carts

Transfer your VERY HEAVY LOADS on rails

Rail Transfer Carts Principale
Transfer Carts on Rails. CAPACITY: 0 - 1000 TONS

POWERED RAIL CART par excellence

Morello’s motorized transfer trolleys represent an economical solution compared to self-propelled transporters without giving up safety and reliability.

Our industrial transfer carts can perfectly adapt to any type of load including the largest and heaviest loads up to 1,000 tons following a fixed rail system. This solution is ideal when production cycles are stable for long periods of time.

Our transfer rail trolleys can be powered in many ways.

We can provide electric rail carts powered by battery or plant grid (through cable drum, busbar, cable chain, etc.).

We can also provide rail transfer carts powered by diesel engine or the plant’s pneumatic network which are perfectly suitable for a variety of material handling and logistics purposes:

  • Connect multiple bays of an industrial building
  • Connect a building with a yard
  • Connect a plant with a department
  • Lighten the work of the overhead cranes
  • Automate the movement of materials during the production process

Morello designs and produces completely customized rail transfer carts, which can also be integrated into a complex and completely automated plant. Our software engineers work with the main PLCs on the market, guaranteeing a safe and effective client interface. All our heavy-duty rail transfer carts follow the strictest safety standards, from a mechanical, electrical, and electronic standpoint.

Technical Characteristics

Capacityfrom 1 to over 1,000 metric tons (2,000 to over 2,000,000 lbs)
Dimensionson request
Power supplybattery, electric grid, diesel engine, pneumatic
Speedon request (from 0.5 mph to over 6 mph)
Drive motorsAC motors, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors
Commandpendant panel, remote controller, footboard, pulpit
Type of wheelssteel wheels for translation on any type of rail
Liftable deckon request (lifting stroke from 2")
Operating environmentindoor, outdoor, offshore
Safety systemslaser scanners, sensitive bumpers, ultrasonic sensors
Industry 4.0 readyon request
Ex conformanceon request (Class 1 and 2, Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)
Automatic version (RGV)on request