Upenders / Tilters

Upender for every need

Tilters for dies, coils and other heavy materials


Morello maintains excellence in upender design and production for industrial handling of dies, coils, castings, semi-finished iron, steel products and other special applications. Many manufacturing companies worldwide choose us because we guarantee reliable upender solutions even in most complex cases.

In particular we are specialized in designing and producing hydraulic upenders with high capacity, from 10 up to over 200 tons.

The tilter is an actor with an ever-growing demand in the manufacturing industry. A reliable and versatile tilter guarantees, in fact, a very high productivity and at the same time extreme safety in tipping large and particularly heavy pieces by 90°, 180° and 360°.

Machines for tilting allow provide enhanced safety avoiding complex maneuvers and raising of lifted piece before tipping. Also tilters unload overhead cranes for other tasks. We left diagrams below for better understand how they work.

Each upender can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Load capacity, dimensions, covering of loading platforms, tipping speed and many other variables can be defined together with the customer according to the specific needs.

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  • Capacity: from 1 ton to over 1,000 tons
  • Power supply: electrohydraulic or electromechanical
  • Tipping technology: hydraulic cylinders, gear motors, chains
  • Dimensions: on request
  • Speed: on request
  • Loading platform: in sheet metal, covered with rollers or covered with material on request
  • Control: manual (with radio remote control or on pulpit) or automatic (customer management system)
  • Safety systems: safety parachute valves, laser scanners, photoelectric barriers
  • Sound-absorbing covering: on request
  • Ex conformance: on request (Class 1 and 2, Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)