Posted on December 10, 2020

Demanding steel industry is one of key Morello expertise with solid experience in industrial material handling. Extreme environment of steel industry plants is perfectly suiting material handling equipment from Morello such as heavy duty self-propelled trucks and coil transport trolleys supplied to steel industry companies in the United States, Mexico, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe, Middle East countries and all over the world.

Metalworking industry unlike many others develops extreme conditions and temperatures, fumes and vapors, dust and fibers in the atmosphere and causes the flow of hot liquid metals creating a complete range of material handling risk factors that must be managed and contained.

Proper planning of heavy-load material handling is cost-effective, generate a safer work environment, contribute to corporate sustainability goals, reduce inventory, improve operational efficiency and ensure lead times and faster delivery. Let’s take a look at two specific applications where Morello has helped steelmakers improve their operational performance.


Located in Texas, USA steel pipe plant challenged us with a system to move the rolling stands used for seamless pipe production. The plant must continuously change the rolling stands to produce steel pipes of different diameters.

Challenge: There was a complex of tasks to implement. Starting for the loads weighed up to 65 tons with up to 6 rolling stands available for simultaneous movement. The equipment had to be moved in two directions, both parallel and perpendicular to the rolling mill. A heavy-duty self-propelled trolley system was required to move one or more rolling stands to the required locations. The plant environment also presented some operational issues.

Solution: 8 industrial self-propelled rail trucks were used for material handling. 6 rail trolleys handling up to 65 tons were used to bring the stands in front of the rolling mill moving parallel to the rolling mill. We can call these rail trucks the cage transporters using RFID to recognize specific cages. 2 rail trolleys handling up to 100 tons were used to transport the cage conveyors (including cages) from the rolling mill area to the storage area and vice versa. They then move perpendicular to the rolling mill, underneath the “cage conveyors”.

Morello designed and developed the whole system. This included all operations and handling of industrial self-propelled trucks in response to production requirements, precise positioning of the trucks, automatic battery recharging, safety aspects, Wi-Fi communications with the plant’s IT systems, exchange data and diagnostics connected to the central system.

The video below demonstrated the system in action:


Steel coil production plant in Mexico required effective solution for movement of steel coils within the plant. This operation included loading, transfer and unloading – a standard process for steel mills of this type using “coil car” and machinery such as coil transport trolleys.

Challenge: software integrated into the plant’s operating system ensured automated operation of coil car. The shuttles for the coils receive the steel coils that rest on saddles and, in this case, they must be able to transport coils up to 35 tons. The coil carriage can lift the load 1100mm (4.3ft). The unloading process can be managed in two ways. Or, simply by lowering the saddles of the coil car onto another support structure or, alternatively, by equipping the coil carriage with motorized rollers which, if inclined, roll the coil onto another support structure.

Solution: For this specific plant in Mexico, Morello supplied a total of 3 coil cars.

The video below demonstrated load tests:

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