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Omnidirectional automated guided cart – Capacity 15 t

Our material handling equipment company offers unique expertise in automated guided cart manufacturing. The company designs and builds customized trolleys and handling equipment for heavy loads including massive power transformers, large naval vessel, die, mold and tooling for metalworking industry.

One of the fastest growing industries handling solutions is AGV cart or Automated Guided Vehicle blending smart technologies for significant benefits across many industries.

Key features of Morello automated guided cart

Custom-built vehicles, our AGV carts are designed according to specifications agreed with the client featuring extremely high load capacity of up to one thousand tones. Morello AGV cart is computer controlled, driverless vehicle for transporting heavy loads, with automatic self-loading and unloading capabilities if required. Our AGV is actually an online robot responding in real time to frequent changes in production operations and absorb the impact of real time decision making. The AGV is pre-programmed, moves autonomously without the presence of an operator, within factories and warehouses both indoor and outdoor.

Multiple steering options provide maximum maneuverability to navigate in the tightest of spaces. The AGV Cart’s guidance system often uses laser technology but may alternatively follow marked lines, wires on the floor, GPS and sensors, use vision cameras or magnets. Maximum maneuverability is obtained with the omnidirectional AGV ensures autonomous move of each wheel.

Integrated into production and warehousing software systems, our AGV carts will transmit information with movement log and tracking to optimize systems and processes. The specifications of the AGV for your specific use case are drawn up together with Morello technical team who has the experience to outline and provide optimal solution.

AGV Cart is customizable and cost-effective material handling equipment allowing for modern logistics in manufacturing and warehousing operations offering concrete operational advantages.

Advantages of Automated Material Handling

We define 6 main areas perfectly suitable for automated material handling solutions using AGV carts to get advantages compared to standard material handling solutions.

AGV are driverless vehicles and as a result the labor costs and staffing becomes operational saving. . AGV’s can provide continuous 24/7 operational availability by removing the need for human resource management. The management and staffing issues related to qualified licensed drivers with appropriate training and safety management procedures are also taken out of the equation.

AGV cart technologies have built-in safety features for enhanced safety eliminating any risk of injury to people. Today’s sensor and smart visioning technologies provide safeguards and eliminate the human-error factor and risk of driver distraction which can cause unfortunate accidents.

AGV can work in volatile and dangerous industrial environments hostile to human beings. Morello offers ATEX certified AGV carts which are essential in certain industries such as oil and gas or the chemical sector. Whether the risk is assessed as a volatile setting, an explosive risk or the risk of manually handling heavy loads the AGV is a risk-free solution for both operators and the company as a whole.

High levels of precision and productivity define technologies used in automated guided cart in operations and materials handling. The very nature of using programmed AGV carts means that first time positioning delivers greater operational productivity. On a recent client project a Morello AGV obtained a loading and unloading precision with maximum five millimeters range for a large and heavy material handling.

Thanks to the safety and precision factors mentioned above damage reduction is one more advantage. Even more importantly the concern of damage and injury to people is eliminated providing peace of mind and a safer working environment for all employees.

AGV in enterprise’s operating systems ensures accuracy and traceability with all movements clearly programmed, logged and tracked. We transform automated materials handling results into benefits for inventory accuracy and the traceability of products and materials.

Morello AGV solutions ensure benefits for operations in a wide range of industrial sectors including power generation sector, oil and gas, large turbines, and electric motors, automotive industry tubing, coil and plates and metalworking sectors.

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