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Types of electric-power steering system

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Electric-power steering system Options

All Morello battery-powered carts feature following types of steering system:

  • VS (VSP1/VSP3)
  • VC (VCP1/VCP3)
  • ± 90 °
  • OMNI

One of Morello key expertise is enhanced customization for all types of steering systems in self-propelled vehicles used for heavy-load material handling within industrial areas. Transfer cart with steering wheels is a solution increasingly used by industries all over the world. The undoubted advantages in terms of safety and logistic efficiency lead companies from many sectors to invest in electric-power steering systems, thus abandoning the transport of heavy loads by means of overhead cranes, rail trolleys and towed trailers.

Battery powered carts with steering wheels are therefore, basically, an extremely effective solution for transporting loads from 5 tons to over 1000 tons. Different types of self-propelled vehicles like die transfer cart feature different steering types to increase advantages of self-propelled solutions.

Front axles steering

Simplest and most economical type of steering system is front-axles-only mode.

Front-axles-only steering is similar to those used in casual cars.

Turning radius is quite large in this cart steering type providing maximum efficiency only in large enough handling spaces where access to loading and unloading bays is quite comfortable.

This type of steering is usually used in die transfer cart for transport of molds, tooling and steel such as coils, beams, tubes (e.g. coil cart), heavy machinery and more.

All axles steering

Fairly simple cart steering type activates all steering axles achieving lower turning radius – one of key advantages making it popular in industrial material handling.

Using both front and rear axles turning at a certain angle, this electric-power steering systems makes center of rotation in a point on the centerline of self-propelled vehicle.

With some room only for maneuvers that do not request extremely precise approach to structures, loading and unloading positions. Die transfer cart with all-axles steering is widely used in automotive industries for mold transportation and in the steel industry.

This type of steering is also widely used in AGV trolleys following a predetermined path without being able to reverse and requiring precise steering with front and rear axles both steered independently.

Front steering ±90°

In the middle between types of steering systems mentioned above is front axle steering by ±90° providing optimal solutions both terms of costs and turning radius. Cart steering using front wheel at ±90° provides center of rotation in the middle of rear axle ensuring a fairly small turning radius.

This is usual steering systems in electric power pallet trucks designed by Morello. But it is also often used in one-way AGVs and applications requiring small turning radius while budget or the overall dimensions of the machine must remain contained.

Omnidirectional steering

Omnidirectional cart steering represents most technological and flexible solutions offered by Morello. This steering system applies independent movement of all wheels in battery-powered cart enabling any type of steering shown in the image above. This is obviously the most flexible version enabling transportation work even in the tightest spaces, where the passage is a matter of millimeters.

Applying both front-backward and sideways movement with turning around its center or specific point, as well as being able to travel diagonally, this steering system in electric-powered cart is the most efficient solution for modern material handling in any industry. For this reason carts with omnidirectional steering are used for heavy-duty transportation, such as tanks, large chillers, power transformers, prefabricated concrete, long cylindrical objects and more.

Our customers preferring this type of steering system operate mostly in Oil & Gas sector where battery-powered cart is used on ships or offshore platforms with extremely reduced spaces. One more industrial sector is power generation where our customers are producers of transformers, chillers, turbines, compressors, heat exchangers and other overload equipment. Omnidirectional cart steering will perfectly suit prefabrication, wind turbine manufacturing and nuclear energy sector requiring cutting-edge solutions in terms of heavy load and safety.