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Automatic transfer cart for trams – 30 t

MORELLO GIOVANNI has designed an automatic RGV transfer cart for an important public transport company. This cart is used to handle trams and their carriages within the maintenance and storage facility. Its purpose is to connect the numerous platforms, moving in a longitudinal direction with respect to the shed.

A tram can thus board the automatic RGV transfer cart from a platform at the north end of the facility, be transported to the south and offloaded onto another platform. The cart can service a total of 36 stations/platforms.

The precise alignment and movement of the cart at the different platforms is fully automatic. The operator simply needs to select the target platform/station number and the motorized rail cart automatically moves and positions itself.

This type of automated process offers several advantages:

  •  faster handling times and savings on labor;
  •  the elimination of human error in platform alignment, which may cause subsequent problems when loading the tram carriage;
  •  improved safety during handling thanks to the certified safety components on-board the machine, which minimize the risk of damage to the automatic RGV transfer cart, to property and persons;
  •  possibility for the process to be completely automated. 

An important feature of this automatic RGV transfer cart is its power supply. To prevent the power cables from creating a hindrance, and considering the length of the route, it was decided to power the motorized cart with lithium-ion batteries.

The special characteristics of lithium batteries allow this transfer cart to work in a continuous cycle, automatically recharging itself with special battery chargers installed along its trajectory. Safety is guaranteed by the certified laser scanners to slow down and, if necessary, stop the transfer cart in the presence of obstacles.

Photocells are also installed to detect the tram on-board, in addition to emergency buttons on the sides and cameras along the entire perimeter of the cart.

MORELLO is a leader in the development of custom heavy-duty transfer carts around the world: United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.