Diesel self-propelled platform trucks

Our diesel powered self propelled platform trucks

Our diesel-powered self-propelled transporters


Thanks to extended flexibility and ease of control, our self-propelled platform trucks with diesel engine provide a reliable solution for all types of material handling in small spaces including the heaviest and most cumbersome.

The diesel engine is necessary when the powers involved are too high for our motorized industrial carts to be powered with batteries or when the work cycles do not allow pauses for recharging. In fact, our diesel-powered motorised trolleys ensure highest levels of performance on all types of flooring. With the hydraulic compensation of the axles, slopes and roughness of surface will no longer be a problem for your material handling personnel.

And when you’re dealing with extremely large and heavy loads, you can simultaneously use a combination of motorized material handling carts, set them a short distance apart and operate them all at the same time.

With the diesel power supply, we can equip our motorized platform carts, both with hydraulic motors (hydrostatic transmission) and with electric motors (by means of a generator unit). We can optionally supply our self-propelled platform truck with hybrid power, so that they use diesel power when they are in an open environment and the battery when in a closed environment.

On request:

  • Electronic steering with numerous configurations
  • Automatic movement (AGV)
  • Complete customization in every aspect of the motorized trolley (size, speed, capacity and more)

  • Capacity: from 2 tons to over 1,000 tons
  • Steering: standard and omnidirectional (90°, diagonal/crab, carousel/360°,…)
  • Power supply: diesel engine
  • Traction motors: AC or hydraulic
  • Steering motors: AC or hydraulic
  • Type of wheels: rubber or polyurethane
  • Dimensions: on request
  • Speed: on request (from 0.5 mph to 10 mph)
  • Lifting stroke: on request (from 2”)
  • Control: radio control or driver's cab
  • Gradient to climb: on request (from 2% to over 15%)
  • Safety systems: laser scanners, sensitive bumpers, sensitive edges, ultrasonic sensors.