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MORELLO solutions for the Railway Industry

Morello studies and design solutions for heavy-duty handling in the railway industry, for products such as locomotives, coaches, carriages, axles, engines and other components. During the production process or servicing, the advantages derived from using Morello battery-powered carts can be summarized as cost reduction, improved operating flexibility and improved safety thanks to Morello’s cutting-edge on-board technology.

Production processes and operating requirements vary from plant to plant; Morello, therefore, designs solutions to support the optimization of your specific process. Morello carts can be supplied with rubber tires or rail-mounted and with varying degrees of automation.

Videos - Applications in the Railway Industry

Case Studies - Morello Projects for the Railway Industry

Automatic transfer cart for trams – 30 t

MORELLO GIOVANNI has designed an automatic RGV transfer cart for an important public transport company. This cart is used to handle trams and their carriages within the maintenance and storage facility. Its purpose is to connect the numerous platforms, moving in a longitudinal direction with respect to the shed. A tram can thus board the […]

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Modular motorized carts for railway coaches – 26 t + 26 t

Morello designed and built two battery-powered self-loading motorized carts used to handle railway coaches.. Capacity: 26 t + 26 t Dimension: 2,800 x 1,770 mm Lift: 100 mm Main characteristics: The two motorized carts can work either independently or as a pair. The following steering is possible when working as a pair: –          Center and […]

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Main clients in the Railway Industry