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Lifting coil cars for Mexico – 35 t

A steel coil manufacturing plant in Mexico needed a steel coil handling system that included loading, transfer and offloading. This is obviously a standard process for these types of steel mills, which traditionally use so-called “coil cars” to do so.


The coil car software is integrated into the plant’s operating system and the coil cars operate automatically. The coil cars receive the steel coils, which are rested on the saddles, and then transport coils weighing up to 35 tons. The coil car can lift the load by 1100 mm (4.3 feet). The unloading process can be managed in two different ways. Either by simply lowering the coil car saddle onto another supporting structure, or alternatively, by fitting the coil car with motorized rollers that, when tilted, roll the coil off onto another supporting structure.


For this specific plant in Mexico, Morello supplied a total of 3 coil cars.

The video shows a coil car with motorized rollers undergoing load testing with steel sheets: