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Today Morello is the company focused on international market offering material handling expertise and professional approach to companies across diverse industrial sectors.  The very nature of the business is in providing bespoke heavy duty carts, each individually constructed and customized to the specifications agreed with a client by our professionals in Client Engagement team. This complex make-to-order material handling transportation system must go through a well-defined project definition phase. Moreover Morello has a constant flow of new clients arriving on a monthly basis and it is critical to engage efficiently and propose the right solution and technology for each individual project.

Pre-project research and project definition are critical steps as well as subsequent project design and build phase ensuring Morello heavy duty carts are employed to transport extremely heavy loads in extremely different environments followed by strict Risk management. Our structured approach applied over a short time frame to engage Client Problem Solving in 8 steps to engage the client and provide effective project offer.    The first phase is the initial Client Engagement during which a client will give a general outline of its specific material handling requirements. The team has great experience in discussing the management of heavy loads across multiple industrial sectors.


Step 1 starts with initial client engagement during when client gives a general outline of its specific material handling requirements. Our team of professionals offers solid experience in heavy-load handling research and management in various industrial sectors.

Step 2 follows initial contact when Client Engagement team provides information about Morello approach to customization, project management and company credentials.

Step 3 is data collection stage to make our offer: we gather a series of data regarding load, environment, operating conditions, space, and technology considerations. RFQ document gathers all required data in a structured format while different industrial sectors face different challenges and all of these must be carefully assessed.

Step 4 is data analysis to assess and integrate client requirements with any additional information required and evaluate the most suitable solution developed by  Client Engagement team together with Morello Technical Department.

Step 5 initiates Technical Information meeting which may be held either at the client’s site, at Morello premises or in conference call if required. Client Engagement team outlines the solutions and options also in follow-up meeting when required to provide further details.

In Step 6 Morello develops Commercial Proposal with all required technical details.

Step 7 includes final clarifications for client before we proceed to the Client Project Sign-Off and Purchase Order.

Step 8 is actually the project Start-Up launch involving Morello Project Technical Team based on project requirements with following definition of project milestones and master schedule.

Railway Carriages Parts Transport machine - 15 tons
Railway Carriages Parts Transport machine – 15 tons

Client Problem Solving creating an effective working relationship with the client senior management is key process of Morello international success. Our reputation, attention to details and excellent customer service define our client base growing every week.

Morello Customer Loyalty Team: Amedeo Morello, Luca Tibaldi, Stefano Rizzo

We look forward to welcome you!

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