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Omnidirectional automated guided cart – Capacity 15 t

Omnidirectional automated guided cart – Capacity 15 t

Morello has designed and manufactured a laser-guided omnidirectional automated guided cart (LGV), with raisable loading bed, for a well-known company that makes machinery for the food and beverage sector.

The AGV is part of a larger project, an automated warehouse for the storage of materials of large weight and size.
The technology that allows this cart to travel with full autonomy is what we call “laser-guidance”. At a height of approximately 3 meters we install a special laser that, constantly rotating at high speed, intercepts reflectors stationed around the facility, allowing the software to triangulate the position and orientation of the omnidirectional automated guided cart on which the laser is mounted.

The software then plans the best course according to the task provided by the automatic warehouse management system.
Communication between the AGV cart and the management software installed on a PC on the ground is through Wi-Fi technology.
In spite of the large size of the cart and the load it carries, this Morello omnidirectional automated guided cart can move agilely about the plant thanks to its omnidirectional steering technology. All of the wheels are in fact indipendent and the cart can therefore move in standard fashion, at 90°, rotate about itself (carousel), move diagonally and travel around a point (compass).
The AGV is also equipped with a raisable loading bed with a 200 mm range in order to be able to load and deposit warehouse pallets onto suitable supports.

Thanks to its enormous experience in the battery powered electric cart sector, Morello has succeeded in achieving a positioning accuracy at loading/unloading stations of ±5 mm.
To achieve maximum efficiency the omnidirectional automated guided cart is powered by a high energy density lithium battery that is automatically fully recharged at available charging stations.
Morello produces customized AGV with all types of guidance technology, with all types of capacity, size and integration with customer systems. Check out some examples here: AGV

15 t – 6,200 x 3,400 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 15 t (up to over 1,000 tons)
Steering: omnidirectional
Lifting loading bed: yes (range 200 mm)
Power: lithium battery (others on request)
Traction motors: AC
Steering motors: AC
Size: 6,200 x 3,400 mm
Battery range: 4 km
Battery charge: automatic with trickle charging
AGV technology: laser guidance (LGV)
Communication: WiFi
Command: customer warehouse management system (WMS)
On request: Ex conformance (Class 1 and 2, Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and 2, dust and gas)

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