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Control Types for Heavy-Duty Platform Cart

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Control options

  • Wired pendant panel
  • Radio remote control
  • Footboard control (ride-on)
  • Control from driver’s cab

Morello heavy-duty platform cart can be controlled by operators in 4 different ways. Our electric trucks can also be fully automatic (AGV version), but this is discussed at the link here.

As for trolleys controlled by operators, the choice of control mode depends on various factors:

  • Indoor or outdoor (or both) environment where battery-operated truck must operate
  • Length of operational paths
  • Electric powered cart speed
  • Work cycles – few hours per shift or 24/7 operations
  • Steering types (see types of steering here).

Battery-operated truck with wired pendant panel

Control with wired pendant panel is the simplest, cheapest and most reliable way to control any Morello heavy-duty platform cart.

In this case the trolley is equipped with two sockets in opposite corners with cable connected to wired pendant panel. To perform control, operator must always stay at a certain distance from the self-propelled vehicle (2 or 3 meters).

This type of command is therefore suitable for trolleys that do not have to travel long distances (as the operator must always walk with electric truck) perfectly suiting reduced speed and operational cycles that are not too demanding.

Wired pendant panel version is often supplied as a backup in case customer purchases version with radio control.

Radio remote-control cart

Remote control is the most flexible way to control Morello carts. Radio remote control type applies wireless communication between control panel and electric-powered cart using integrated receiver installed on cart.

Absence of connection cable enables control by an operator from optimal and locked position for best visibility, without mobility limits.

Radio remote-control cart with omnidirectional steering, which, being able to steer in any direction, rotate on themselves and work in very confined spaces, require an operator who is independent from the self-propelled vehicle.

Since there is no need to follow step by step the remote-control cart, it is even more suitable than the wired pendant  panel for trolleys with slightly more intense work cycles.

Footboard control (ride-on mode)

Footboard control involves operator standing on a platform mounted on electric truck.

The operator is working from the truck’s board and not forced to walk during handling operations.

Footboard can be equipped with special controls, such as a handwheel and a driving joystick. It can also be simplified for operator controlling battery-operated truck with wired pendant panel or a remote control.

This type of command will perfectly suit electric trucks that make quite long distances at high speeds. In this case, operators do not get tired walking. For this reason this control type is also suitable for demanding operation cycles requiring continuous driving.

Heavy-duty platform cart with driver’s cab

For particularly long journeys and relatively high speeds, Morello battery-operated truck can be equipped with special driver’s cabin.

In this case, operator sits in a comfortable driver’s cab equipped with a seat, steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedals, control panel and complete range of other possible options for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Electric truck’s cabin can be partially open or completely closed. Closed cabin can be equipped with heating and air conditioning systems providing ideal solution for long outdoor sessions of material handling with operator exposed to various weather conditions.

This is often appreciated by customers as an alternative to diesel trucks. Besides customization of load and dimensions, Morello heavy-duty platform carts are provided in battery-powered and motorized versions with electric motors, completely eliminating pollution. Our battery-operated truck models ensure 100% sustainable and eco-friendly solution in industrial material handling.

Watch our video demonstrating each control type:

Push-button panel

Remote control carts


Driver’s cab